Our mission is: “To relieve sickness and assist in the remedial treatment of children and adults suffering from physical, emotional, psychological and other mental health problems by the provision of Community Music Therapy.”

Founded in 1992 by Harpist and Singer Annie Mawson MBE, Sunbeams Music Trust has grown steadily to become a leading provider of Community Music Therapy services to vulnerable and disabled people of all ages, in the North-West.

12 Professional Specialist musicians are matched to community groups to deliver interactive workshops in our Music For Life® and Music For Dignity® programmes to 2,490 people at 62 venues across Cumbria including: 27 Residential Care Homes; Day Centres; Hospices; Sunbeams out-of-school clubs, and of course our award-winning Sunbeams Music Centre, all on a monthly basis, many of them weekly.Our beneficiaries include children or adults with physical disabilities and mental health problems; Alzheimer’s and senile dementia; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; sensory impairments; emotional and behavioural problems, and complex medical needs.

CONTACT SUBEAMS ON 017688 92909:

i. LIESL for details of our Music For Life ® and Music For Dignity® Programmes

ii.  VANESSA for details of booking rooms at the Centre for Meetings, Conferences, Concerts, Presentations by Annie, including Lunches

iii. PETE – for details of state-of-the-art Sunbeams Recording Studio.

iv. MICHAEL – for details of the Sunbeams External Evaluation by Hall Aitken Associates Ltd of Glasgow who stated our work with elderly People with dementia had an SROI of £1:8.  (Social Return on Investment)

v. DIANE – for details of how to donate

The Sunbeams Music Centre has created a sustainable legacy for community music therapy for disadvantaged people of all ages across the UK. As Michael Lawson-Johnson, one of our Directors says…..

“You cannot open a door to show a glimpse of possibility and slam it shut. It has now become our moral obligation to provide a pathway beyond”.

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